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How to Survive in a Bad Luck

No matter how good or bad you are now. Your luck won't be the same for years to come. The outside world is changing. We need to adjust our approach to overcome any obstruction in each stage of our life. Otherwise, we cannot catch up with the world. for example, scientific calculators are not in demand anymore. Their customers all disappear. People who count on the knowledge of the calculator shouldn't complain born at the wrong time or condemn bad luck today.

There are three factors connect to our luck. They are Heaven, Earth, and People. Heaven is the sky. Sky has the Sun. Humans invented the time using the position of the Sun. Therefore, Heaven is connected to TIME. Earth is the soil or ground. People stand and live on it. Thus, Earth is connected to the PLACE.

When you are at the right place at the right time, and something happens to you and makes you happy. That must be PEOPLE there giving you the opportunity. If the right people are also around at that moment, then they will help you to pump up the atmosphere of joy. So the joyous time, place, and people will be embedded into the memory. We say that perfect timing is good luck.

On the other hand, if the wrong people are around you at the wrong time and place, then that probably is the moment of bad luck. If the wrong place causes bad luck, we can choose the leave the wrong place. If the bad person causes bad luck, we can choose to leave the person. If a place brings us good luck, we can move there. If a person helps your luck, we can close to the person as possible. We always have the choice and opportunity to manage the place and people. However, if we remember the lucky time, we cannot go back to that time or create that time in the future to get the same feeling. We just cannot do anything at the time of Heaven.

Although we cannot change the time. But we have the right to study the counting system of time and the relationship with us. Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars discovered the relationship between time and people's fortune thousand years ago. They invented the astrology calendar to help us to know the cycle of good luck and bad luck.

We apply the Chinese Five Element (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) theory in this website to reveal people's Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Life Chart. This chart is the time schedule regarding good and bad periods. We can verify we are in a bad cycle when things go wrong.

The Rise and Fall Chart tells us which Five Element brings good luck to us. Five Elements exist between Heaven and Earth. Five Elements have their life cycles. Knowing their cycle will help us to know when the bad luck will end. If a person has bad luck and the current cycle is Fire, then the bad luck won't go away until the Fire cycle is over.

Chinese Astrology also tells us 12 stages of the life cycle. This is a cycle of a lifetime. This can apply to the cycle of Five Elements, too. The 12 stages show different strengths of each period. So we can know how strong impact to our life from the bad luck.

School Age
Become Adult
Job & Money
Top Position
New Life
cycle of 12 Weak
Getting Weak
Raise Fetus
Get Sick
Begin Life
Final Home
End Activity
Chinese Astrology 12-Stage Cycle

Now how to handle the existing bad luck? No matter the luck is related to money, career, business, relationship, fame, health, or reputation. Firstly you should agree that Rain, Fire, Wind, and Earthquake will stop naturally. So you need the faith that the bad luck will disappear eventually. The 12-Stage cycle shows us the same thing. The bad luck will end, then our luck will be reborn.

Therefore, you have to calm down your mind. You can find a quiet place for contemplation to reflect on yourself about your faults. If you have poor health for a while, then you must mistreat your body. If you become poor or lose your job, then you must mistreat people or forget to upgrade your knowledge, and then decline popularity. Otherwise, if you have many friends around supporting you, you won't feel you are in bad luck. If you think you didn't do anything wrong, then you had better ask a friend with wisdom to examine ourself any improper comment, a negligent act, an unintentional omission or mistake on someone. You must rebuild yourself a new body and mind, show your virtue and courtesy to people, and then you will earn back your reputation from people. Thus, the factor of PEOPLE will push you toward the direction of good fortune.

If a place has safety, health, business development, or career opportunity issues, then you can consider moving to a new location. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy theory of Earth, place, and environment. It can help people to bring their spirit and luck after fixing the problem place. Basically, if you remove junk, clean up and redecorate your place, it will help your luck months later. If you want to speed the process, then consider asking the advice from the Feng Shui professional. It also helps to improve people's relationships. But it cannot change the TIME of Heaven.

The broader meaning of the PLACE is all objects around your location. If you are in the office, then the products your sell, the tools you use, the material you buy are the objects. If they are below the requirements and standards, then they have to fix too. If you cannot fix it, then keep the distance from them.

The Cycles of Four Seasons

The Chinese astrology 12-Stage Life Cycle is a little bit complicated. It's easy to understand the cycle of the tree by four seasons since the lifecycle of trees and humans are similar.





The luck cycles of career, wealth, health, fame, and love always have their beginning point and ending point. We can treat their growth cycles as from the spring to the winter. They may have different durations. The birth is toward death. Death is toward rebirth. The seed of a tree in the wintertime reserves and accumulates the energy for spring's germination. Therefore, if your luck is in the wintertime, then you just have to prepare for the next great cycle. If you don't do something, you might not survive during the winter. Therefore, bad luck is the time for preparing the next rebound

The Cycles of I-Ching

To manage the back luck, I-Ching Hexagrams give us some good advice. The scene of the bad luck is similar to Hexagram #23 Mountain-Earth Bo Kua, which combines Ken Mountain Ken and Kun Earth Kun. Ken is Mountain on the top and Kun is Earth at the bottom. That means the soil of the mountain falls down to the ground. This sign is also similar to that aged painting on the wall is peeling off piece by piece. If we don't do anything, the wall will decay. When this happens, we need to stop new adventures and fix the foundation first.

The next scene that will appear is the Hexagram #24 Earth-ThunderFu Kua, which combines Kun Earth Kun and Gen Thunder Gen. Kun is Earth and Gen is Thunder. The Yang (Long Bar) on the top of Mountain-Earth Bo Kua has fallen to the bottom of Fu Kua. The scene is the seed of the fruit fallen on the ground. This is the sign of returning to the beginning point. Therefore, you need to review, repair and recharge everything from the bottom. You should choose the practical approach. You must not rush for the pipe dream.

Later, the attractive shortcuts may come toward you. But remember that your falseness or misbehavior during this period will cause you unexpected bigger trouble. This is the period of Hexagram #25 Heaven-ThunderWu-Wang Kua, which means Gen Thunder Thunder under Chien Heaven Sky. It's still dangerous outside during the thunder season. The seed is still in the process of germination on the ground. If you can survive after this phase, the potential prosperity and success will come to you.

The Cycles of Five Elements

The Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Life Chart reveals the secret of your Five Elements. That lets you know which element is connected to yourself, parents, children, career, and money. Those relationships of the Five Elements can connect to your Knowledge, Friend, Expression, Money, and Career cycles. If you know your astrological cycle and you are in bad luck, then you will know how to plan the next step. It's time to ask for help from parents, friends, or mentors. Or it's the time to take education, switch direction, take care of your family or take care of your health. Chinese Fortune Calendar discusses these cycles in the Sow and Reap - Understand the Cycles of Good and Bad Luck page. It's worthy to read.

The bad luck might from our previous negligence, previous faults, God's will, or karma. But bad luck is the opportunity for us to take a break to reflect on ourselves. Thus, we can become wiser people with a higher virtue. The bad luck will end eventually. We will have a greater achievement for the coming new cycle.

Chinese Five Element Astrology

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