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Chinese Numerology 100 - Magic Number Decoder

The Meaning of Numbers on the Street Number, License Plate, Phone Number

The Chinese Numerology 100 is developed using the meaning of Chinese Five Element Sequence and the philosophy of I-Ching 64 Hexagrams. This is a simple application out of Chinese Oracle 100 (coming 2016), which can help people to know the result of coming events.

The Chinese Numerology 100 tells you the good or evil omen of the last two digits of your license plate, street number of your home, your phone number, your identification number etc. If you drive your car to work everyday, then use the license plate number to check career luck. If you use your phone to chat or text with your lover, then use the phone number to check love relationship. If you want to know the fortune of the house, then use the street number.

Some Chinese refer to the result of Oracle to make an important decision when they lack of other information to choose their selections. For example, the following cases you can try Chinese Numerology 100.

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