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Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology - Years to Watch

In the Toolbar toolbar of Fortune Angel Chinese astrology, you can launch the Years to Pay Attention screen is to click the Eye Icon eye. The birth data might carry over from the active birth chart in the different screen.

If you want to read the prediction messages of special years for different person, then you can directly enter different birth data from the screen. Or you can use people button persons to select different personal birthday from Names.mdb database.

The OK button OK is to refresh the messages of major events for all the years which have special Five Elements combination that should impact balance in the birth chart.

Years to Watch

The major events will include Animal Powerful Trio combination, Animal Gang of Three combination, Branch Mutual Hurting Relationship, and Double Fighting Relationship, Missing Element in the Major Cycle, and the Yearly Cycle. Also, it will check for particular years, whose the Stem and the main Element of the Branch are the same Element or Main Element of Branch is the mother element of the Stem.

If the message is too long and you can see it all in the List Box, then you can double-click on the message to read the popup message.


Or you can click on the Internet IE icon I.E. to convert the message into HTML page. You can read or print from there.

Years of Watch

To click on the Five-Element Circle Icon cycles is to launch the Chinese Astrology 10-God Birth Chart.

To click on the Chart Icon form is to launch the Lucky Element Birth Chart with 10-Year Major Cycle list.

The Panda Icon panda or Chinese Icon Chinese in the Toolbar provides the option to display birth chart and Stem-Branch in Chinese characters.

Years to Watch

The Light button lightbulb is to show this HTML page. To click the Eye Icon eye in the List Box to launch the Peek That Year screen to show the Yearly Prediction messages.

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