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The Dragon King's Sons: A Chinese Tale of Mythical Legends

2024 is the year of the dragon. The Chinese Dragon is a legendary creature. All legendary stories about Chinese dragons originate from the sky. In Chinese, the sky is synonymous with heaven. The image of the dragon is blurred, misty, mystic, noble, and untouchable. The dragon becomes the symbol of power from heaven. The Chinese emperor was considered the son of heaven. An emperor has the authority to send commands to dragons. A Chinese story mentioned an emperor killed a dragon in his dream. After 581 AD, Chinese emperors began to wear imperial robes with dragon symbols. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD), the dragon can be seen everywhere on the roofs, doors, pillars, bridges, and utensils in the Forbidden City. The most powerful dragon is the five-clawed dragon. It appears only on the yellow imperial robe. As a result, the dragon is considered one of the most auspicious animals in China.

Chinese Dragon King has Nine Sons & the legendary story

Chinese didn't know too much about the Nine Dragons until the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). There is more than one version of the Nine Dragons story, with one version as follows.

The Dragon King in the heavens sent its nine sons to help the first emperor conquer China. After completing their mission, the nine dragons were preparing to return to heaven. However, the emperor wanted them to stay and played a trick on the most powerful dragon, the 6th dragon. The emperor asked the 6th son to carry a magic stele with a carved inscription capable of suppressing any ghost, spirit, or evil creature. The 6th dragon couldn't move under the magic stele, and his brothers refused to leave without him. As a result, the nine dragons refused to work for the emperor any longer. They decided to no longer show their dragon identities and turned themselves into evil creatures. Since then, the nine dragons have remained in China.

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