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Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

This Chinese Baby Gender Predictor uses the Ching Dynasty Ching Dynasty's Baby Gender Calendar Chart to predict baby gender. The Baby Gender Prediction Chart uses woman Chinese age and the conception month to predict the baby gender.

The Chinese used a Chinese Lunar Calendar during the Ching Dynasty. Therefore the conception month in the chart is the lunar month. The women's age should be the Chinese age, which is counted using the Chinese Lunar Calendar too. The Chinese add to their age on the Chinese New Year Day.

It's required to convert the conception month into Chinese lunar month and calculate women age on the conception month. This Chinese Baby Gender Predictor will do the Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion jobs for you.

You can enter a woman's birthday and approximate conception date using western Gregorian calendar. Then it will tell you the Chinese age, Chinese lunar month of conception, and the baby gender in the prediction chart.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is slightly different each time zone. When the birthday or conception date is on the first day or last day of a lunar month, the entering time zone will help the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor to find the correct Chinese age and the Chinese lunar month.

Woman's Birthday:
Date of Conception:

Our Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion program is based on Sun and Moon astronomical data. Without an accurate Chinese lunar conversion method, you might be given a wrong Chinese Lunar Month. Especially when a Chinese lunar year contains an extra leap month (Intercalary Month).

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