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Feng Shui 168 Choose Boy Gender

Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars, Lo Shu Magic Square 168 - Choose Boy Gender Before Conception

The Purple White Flying Stars is a profound theory in the Chinese Feng Shui application. One theory from the Flying Stars can help women to choose the baby boy gender before planning the conception.

The Flying Stars are nine numbers in the Flying Star Square, which is the Lo Shu magic square. It's also called the Lo Shu Magic Gird . Each grid in the square is filled an unique arrangement of the numbers one to nine. The sum of three numbers in any direction in the square is 15. The numbers in the Flying Star Square have the color names. One, Six and Eight are white. Two is black. Three and Four are green. Five is yellow. Severn is red. Nine is purple.

The Flying Star Square can apply on a house (Where), person (Who), the cycles of year, month and day (When) etc. In Feng Shui, One, Six and Eight are in the Yang group. Yang is male or boy. The Yang Chi strongly gathers in the location, which has multiple whites in it.

When the Flying Star Square of a house, a person, or a time are overlaid together and white colors stay in the same grid from the different Flying Star Square cycles, then Yang Chi strongly stays there and there is better chance to conceive a baby boy at that time and location. Therefore we can say white 1, white 6 and white 8 are the secret numbers to have a baby boy.

Each house and bedroom has its own Flying Star Square. Each year and month has its Flying Star Square too. If we overlay the Flying Star Squares together, the multiple-white area is a potential location for making a baby boy at that time cycle.

The following tool tells you what type of the house, which bedroom in the house, the bed location in the bedroom and which month for conception have a better chance to conceive a baby boy.

baby boy 1, 6 and 8 are the secret to choose baby boy
Year | Time Zone:

Remember that there is no perfect location and time. If your house and bedroom are not in the list, you can take a long vacation in a hotel or borrow a room or house from your siblings or friends. Of course, you need to beautify the bedroom and try more times in that month.

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