Feng Shui Love Match

Chinese Feng Shui and Zodiac Sign Compatibility Love Match

If you are looking for friends and you want to which birth years are compatible to you, then this application give your the answer by providing your birth year.

There are two types of people in Chinese Feng Shui World. One is called the Eastern Type. The other is called the Western Type. All Eastern Type people have same lucky bedrooms in their houses. All Western Type people have same lucky places too. This is very important for married couples, because husband and wife are supposed to sleep in the same bedroom. If husband and wife are same Feng Shui Type persons, then it's easier to select a bedroom lucky for both of them. This is the reason why many Feng Shui experts insist that the first thing to avoid divorce is to find the same Feng Shui Type person as your spouse.

This application here is to search people's birth years with same Feng Shui Type with you. Plus, it applies Chinese Horoscope Sign Match to increase the love match compatibility level.


Tell Which Birth Year People Are Compatible With You

Birth Year   Born before February 4

Gender  Male  Female



If you already know someone's birthday, then you must try Free Fast Love Match at ChineseFortuneCalendar,com.

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