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Find The Best Auspicious Wedding Days

To find the Best Personal Day for a special event, select Almanac from the menu bar, then click the The Best Personal Day item from the drop down menu.

Dropdown Menu

Before finding the Best Personal Day for a wedding day, you need to find all the available wedding days from Find Lucky Days screen.

Lucky Wedding Days

Then you can from the Find the Most Auspicious Event Days for People screen to enter bride and groom birthdays. Or you can select birthdays from Name Database to fill in the birthdays by clicking the People button.

Then all the available wedding days will be scored when you click the OK button.  To click the Sorting button to move the highest score wedding day to the top.

Best Wedding Days

All non-negative wedding days are good for your wedding. You can click on the Date field to see the daily information from Chinese Farmer's Calendar.

Basically, the more auspicious days are the Events Column have more Red events in there. Also, you can sort the Day/Week to find the Weekend Days by clicking the Sorting button

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