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The Best Personal Auspicious Wedding Days

You need to find the auspicious wedding days in the Chinese Farmer's Almanac first. Then you choose the best-fitted wedding days using the birthdays of bride and groom. It's the same to look for the best lucky days for other special events.

To find the Best Personal Day for a special event, select Almanac from the menu bar, then click the The Best Personal Day item from the drop down menu.

dropdown menu

Example for Best Auspicious Wedding Days

Before finding the Best Personal Day for a special event, the Luck Days must be pre-selected from Find Lucky Day component (The Find Lucky Day window must stay on the screen) and the personal birth data can be pre-entered from the Name Database. If the names are in the database, then click people People button to select the names.

After filling in the birth data and clicking the OK OK button, the compatibility scores of lucky days will be calculated. After calculation, select (highlighted) Score Total Score column and then click the Sort Sorting button to find the highest score from in the gird. webpage HTML button displays Personal Best Days in HTML format for printing purpose.

Do not click on any button while calculating, because this screen uses lots of memory space.

listing of wedding days

wedding: Wedding scores: Total Score notes: Note lucky hour: Lucky Hours

HTML Format

Best Day

Chinese Calendar Terms

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