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Auspicious Wedding Days of Farmer's Almanac

To find the Farmer's Calendar lucky days, select Almanac from the menu bar, then click the Find Lucky Days item from the drop down menu, or simply click the eye Eye/Find icon on the tool bar.

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The Chinese Farmer's Calendar software enables to dynamically calculate the lucky events from 1900-2200.

Select the year, beginning month, number of months to calculate, time zone, type of event and click the OK OK button, the lucky days or fair days for that events will list on the grid. webpage HTML button displays Lucky Day Listing in HTML format for printing purpose.

The maximum months to calculate is 24 months. Do not click on any button while calculating, because this screen uses lots of memory space.

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Chinese Calendar Terms

Auspicious Wedding Day Selection, Bedroom and Office Arrangement, House of Wealth, House of Money, and House of Love

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