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Auspicious Events: Interview, Dating, Party, Announcement, Speech, Opening, Sales, Wedding, Trip

If you want to schedule a happy ending event, this is one of the applications to help you to pick an auspicious date for your meeting. If you plan for a a job interview, a business trip, a dating with new friend, an appointment with someone special, a hangout part, the first on the job, business grand opening date or even a gambling, then you can use this Fast Love Match tool to help you to pick the date.

Simply entering your birthday, selecting a future date, and then click the Submit button, it will give you the compatibility score between your birthday and the selected date. If the score is not negative, then the date is okay to pick. If the score is greater than 2, then that is a better choice date. If the score is less than 2, then try to avoid that date.

You also can combine the prediction from Future Daily Chinese Astrology to help your decision. If you have good message from both sides, then that should be an auspicious for your event.

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