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Find study rooms for students or executive officer rooms for decision makers

House of Intelligence

Magic square One theory of the Purple White Flying Stars in the Chinese Feng Shui is that the area helps people developing their mind and knowledge when the White 1 and Green 4 flying stars are staying there. If a student uses this area as the study room, the excellent education luck and energy can be activated there.

How It Works

Each house and bedroom has its own Flying Star Square. Each year has its Flying Star Square too. If we overlay the Flying Star Squares together, the area which has White 1 and Green 4 in it brings extraordinary study and research luck for people staying here.

The tool tells you

Chinese Farmer Calendar Software Tool

Select Matching Purple White Flying Stars item from the Flying Stars in the Menu Bar.

Then click OK OK button, the location in the house and the wisdom months will shown on the on the screen.

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