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Matching Purple White 9 Flying Stars

Matching Feng Shui Flying Stars of Yearly Cycle (Heaven) with Houses (Earth), or People (Humans)

To use Matching Flying Stars function, select Flying Stars from the menu bar, then click the Matching Purple White Flying Stars item from the drop down menu, or simply click the Magic square Flying Stars Square icon on the tool bar. There are two ways to match the Flying Stars.

dropdown menu

According to the advanced theory of Purple White Flying Stars in Feng Shui, when two particular Flying Stars are together (overlapping) in the same direction, the location may become a very lucky or unlucky area to people.

Flying Star Flying Star Luck or Bad Luck
White 1 Green 4 lightblub Wisdom Luck
White 6 White 8 baby cart Better Chance to have Baby Boy
White 1 Green 3 baby cart Better Chance to have Baby Boy
Black 2 White 8 money Money Luck
Black 2 White 3 money Wealth Opportunity
Black 2 Green 4 heart Romance and Love
White 8 Purple 9 heart Love and Marriage Luck
Green 3 Red 7 Bad Luck in Money
Black 2 Yellow 5 Poor Health
White 6 Red 7 Bad Health
Brown 5 Brown 5 Bad Luck
Red 7 Purple 9 Chance to have Fire Accident

The way to use The Matching Purple White Flying Stars is to provide

Then click OK OK button, the location in the house and the month for that event will list on the screen.

The Matching Purple White Flying Stars component has two separate functions. One is to check the overlapping Flying Stars between a person and time. The other function is to check the overlapping Flaying Stars between a house and time. You can only select one function each time for the calculation.

Matching Flying Stars

The following information will display

Match Period Purple White Flying Stars

Auspicious Wedding Day Selection, Bedroom and Office Arrangement, House of Wealth, House of Money, and House of Love

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