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Bed or Desk Arrangements of Bedroom & Office

If you want to arrange bed or desk in the bedroom or office, then, select Flying Stars from the menu bar, then click the Bedroom and Office Arrangement item from the drop down menu.

Feng Shui Flying Star

Eastern Type people have different lucky corners from Western Type people. Therefore, where to put the bed in the bedroom or arrange he desk in the office will be different. Basically, we don't want to people see the bed or desk from the outside through the door.

The Bedroom and Office Arrangement tool will help us to find the better location to arrange the bed or desk.

arrange bedroom

If there is a second suggestion, then the Light bulb lightbulb button will be visible. Click on Light bulb lightbulb button, a new diagram will be display.

arrange bedroom

If can select the Door Position from the drop down box, you can double-click the upper side of the Diagram Box to chance the position of the door.

arrange bedroom

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