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Shen-Sha: Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars

The Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars program was designed for Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui professionals who are the members of Chue Foundation - Feng Shui Research organization. Now it becomes an Add-on component for Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software version 8 or above.

It can be launched by clicking the Star Icon star in the Toolbar toolbar of Fortune Angel Astrology software.

hidden stars main page

Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars is a Chinese Birth Chart extension. There is no explanation on Hidden Star in the software. Hidden Stars are displayed in Chinese characters. Most of Chue Foundation members can read and pronounce astrology terms in Chinese. The software package contains Hidden Star search function, which is very helpful for the Chinese astrology and Feng Shui experts.

hidden stars

The Astrology Hidden Stars are displayed in lowest two rows of the birth chart. The colors indicates the relationship from which stem or branch of columns. For example,

The US Flag icon US flag is to display the birth chart Hidden Stars in graphic symbols.

hidden stars in birth chart

The sample of the Hidden Stars in 10-year Major Cycles is as follows.

hidden stars

The following is the Hidden Stars in Yearly Cycles.

hidden stars

There is a Search function to find Hidden Stars in the Yearly Cycles.

seach hidden stars

Another sample of Hidden Star Search Function.

seach hidden stars

Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars (CFCStars.exe) Program is required the Personal birthday database (Names.mdb of Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology) to run this program, which is the same database using in the Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software.

Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars software is not included in the Fortune Angel Chinese astrology software. The Fortune Angel Chinese astrology will show the link star to Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars, if the Hidden Star software is installed in the same computer.

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