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Year of the Dragon: 2024 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

2024 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Year

2024 marks the year of the Wooden Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year for 2024 falls on Saturday, February 10, 2024. The first day of the Chinese astrological year coincides with the onset of Tiger Month. Specifically, the first day of the Wooden Dragon year is February 4, 2024. If a baby is born before February 4, their Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit, not the Dragon.

Before delving into the predictions for the 2024 Chinese Zodiac, it's essential to determine your Chinese animal sign based on Chinese astrology. Your Chinese zodiac sign is not determined by Chinese New Year's Day, as this date is determined by the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Chinese Zodiac relies on the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar, a solar calendar.

The Meaning of the Wood Dragon

The primary element associated with the Dragon is Yang-Earth, symbolized by the mountain. The Yin-Water is also within the Dragon. The Yin-Water is associated with cold water, rain, or a lake. Therefore, the Dragon is also known as the dam in the mountain.

In the realm of Chinese astrology, 2024 is the Yang-Wood Dragon year. Yang-Wood is symbolically associated with tall trees, forests, or wooden posts. In the framework of the Chinese Five Elements, the Wood element aligns with the color green. Consequently, 2024 is often referred to as the Year of the Green Dragon.

The Dragon of 2024 is depicted as either concealed within the forest or climbing atop a wooden post. The tall tree of Yang Wood could grow very tall and strong because of rich soil and the dam in the mountain. Hence, 2024 is characterized as a robust Wood year.

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Posted and modified on September 7, 2023

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