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2014 Full Moon Valentine Day 2014 Valentine's Day is a Full Moon Day in US time zones. It will be a romantic night for people in love. The Valentine's Day is on February 14th. People celebrate Valentine's Day by sending flowers, candy, gifts, poems, cards and e-cards to those they love.

February 14, 2014 is Friday. It's a good time to ask your lover for a Valentine's dinner. You have better making reservation for a table by the window at your favorite restaurant a little bit early. So you have the chance to enjoy a memorable Valentine's night. If you cannot find the perfect spot, then you may schedule an outdoor event and let moonlight shine and warm up your love.

In China, February 14, 2014 is also the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is the 15th lunar day of the first Chinese lunar month. The first day of the first Chinese lunar month is the Chinese New Year Day, which is on January 31, 2014 (China time zone). Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year holiday for 15 days. The last day of Chinese New Year celebration is the Lantern Festival.

It's an excellent night to invite your lover for a dinner. After dinner, you can go to watch the Lantern Display. That's will be a perfect and unforgettable Valentine's night.

If you miss the dating at Valentine's night, then you still can try on the next day, Saturday. The Moon of February 15, 2014 is still near-full.

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The Full Moon Day is not determined by the New Moon Day. Full Moon time determines the Full Moon date. It's same that New Moon time determines the New Moon date. The New Moon date is the first day of the lunar month.

The Chinese New Year Day was on January 31, 2014, because the exact new moon time is at 05:30 a.m. on January, 31 2014 in China time zone.

The New Moon time is at 16:39 p.m. on January 30, 2014 in US Eastern time zone. The New Moon time is at 13:39 p.m. on January 30, 2014 in US Pacific time zone. Therefore, the Chinese New Year Day for US time zones should be January 30, 2014, not January 31, 2014.

If the Chinese New Year days fall on the different days between China and US time zones, then the 15th lunar day of Chinese Lantern Festival will fall on the different days, too. From the following chart, we can see

2014 Valentine's Day is a Full Moon Day in US time zones. 2014 Valentine's Day is the Chinese Lantern Festival in China time zones.

  US PST Time Zone US EST Time Zone China Time Zone
Full Moon Date/Time February 14, 2014 15:54 PM February 14, 2014 18:54 PM February 15, 2014 07:54 AM
Valentine's Day February 14, 2014  February 14, 2014  February 14, 2014 
New Moon Date/Time

January, 30 2014 13:30 PM

January, 30 2014 16:30 PM

January, 31 2014 05:30 AM

Chinese New Year Day

January, 30 2014

January, 30 2014

January, 31 2014

Chinese Lantern Festival
15th Lunar Day
February 13, 2014 February 13, 2014  February 14, 2014
Valentine's Day

The 15th lunar day is not always a Full Moon Day. For example, Chinese Moon Festival is on 15th lunar day of the 8th lunar month, In China time zone, The Full Moon Day usually falls on the 16th lunar day in the 8th lunar month. As a result, the Moon of 16th lunar day is fuller than the Moon on the date of Moon Festival.

2014 Full Moon Valentine's Day
2014 Full Moon Valentine

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