Feng Shui Computer for Your Room

Chinese Feng Shui helps people to brings out not only their energy, but also the brain power, inspiration, imagination, creativity and sharpen mind, if you arrange the furniture properly around your working environment.

Chinese Feng Shui divides people into Eastern Group and Western Group. It also divides into a room into Eastern Corners East 4 and Western Corners West 4. The theory is that Eastern Corners brings East Group people good luck and Western Corners brings West Group people good luck. If people stays in the wrong corners every day, then they will be losing concentration, expression, thinking, comprehension and then the bad luck related to emotion, health, troublesome, money, career will come slowly.

Almost everybody has a computer to work in the office, room or cubicle. The computer must sit on the desk. This application will tell you how to arrange the desk in the room and how to face your computer to make your smarter. Feng Shui will help you to finish office work or school homework easier and faster.

Enter the birth data below and describe your room orientation, this application will tell you the best location for your computer. If you cannot find a good location for your computer, then you should consider to change a room.





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