Feng Shui Bedroom For Love

Do you have a lucky bedroom? Do you spouse or roommate choose right bedroom?

Chinese Feng Shui states very clearly that sleeping in the wrong bedroom could bring people bad luck on career, money, love or health. Any one of a married couples sleep in a wrong bedroom will increase the chance of divorce.

For the sake of marriage, if you are married, you need to check out the location of your bedroom is against Feng Shui theory or not. If you are still single, you can use the following Feng Shui method to choose your roommate to share the same room or choose right person to get marry.
Chinese Feng Shui divides people into Eastern Group East 4 and Western Group West 4. To improve your Feng Shui luck, Eastern Group people should live in a bedroom of Eastern directions and Western Group people should live in a bedroom of Western directions in a house. Enter the birth data below, it will tell you which Feng Shui group you are in and which bedroom fit you.

Birth Year
Born before February 4
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